Business news

Necessity entrepreneurs 

Research commissioned by GoDaddy has found that almost half of all British adults are considering launching a side hustle this year, with the vast majority of these would-be entrepreneurs doing so to combat rising bills. These findings suggest the cost-of-living squeeze could be set to unleash a swathe of ‘necessity entrepreneurs’ who start their own venture as a way of making ends meet. 

Concerns raised over commuting in the dark 

A new survey undertaken by payroll specialists Remote has found that almost nine out of ten women feel firms should offer greater flexibility in working arrangements in order to enable them to commute in daylight hours during the winter months. In total, nearly half of all respondents said they felt uneasy commuting in the dark, while four out of ten felt vulnerable and a third unsafe. 

Job scams alert 

Employers are being warned about a rise in the number of job scams and the impact this could have on their recruitment plans. January’s data shows a large increase in reporting of scams compared to the previous month, including WhatsApp and Facebook messages offering highly paid jobs and out-of-the-blue employment opportunities. It is feared these fake adverts could dilute the impact of real adverts creating problems for legitimate employers.