Businesses accused of ‘wellbeing-washing’

Research conducted by financial wellbeing platform Claro Wellbeing suggests that a significant minority of UK firms are ‘wellbeing-washing’.  

Data from a survey of 1,000 workers shows that seven out of ten workplaces celebrate mental health awareness days or weeks. This show of support typically encompasses a number of activities, including social media posts, charity fundraising events and sponsored sports activities all aimed at boosting recognition of mental health issues.  

However, despite so many companies displaying a keen desire to raise awareness, the research also found that just a third of organisations’ own mental health support provision was deemed to be either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by their staff. This, it is argued, highlights a significant ‘wellbeing gap.’  

Stacey Lowman, Head of Employee Wellbeing at Claro Wellbeing, said, “While it’s vital to raise awareness of mental health conditions and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their experiences, companies must provide accessible support to their workforce to make any improvement on wellbeing.”