Employees craving connection

HubSpot’s 2023 Hybrid Work Report suggests the new frontier in the future of work is creating ways for employees to connect with their company’s culture, purpose and each other. 

Research conducted for the report found that over a third of employees believed relationship-building and establishing connections was the biggest challenge for hybrid workers. Furthermore, despite current cost-of-living pressures, half of all surveyed employees said they would prioritise great relationships at work over a 10% pay increase.  

UK&I HubSpot General Manager Flavia Colombo said, “People clearly care about getting on with others in the workplace. Companies need to help employees find meaningful ways to connect both in-person and online by providing tools and support that work on a personal level. If failing to do so we will see a bigger impact on employees’ engagement, belonging and loyalty to their organisation and it will lead to higher attrition rates.”