Female business leaders

Although last year did see a record number of new businesses founded by women, research suggests female entrepreneurs continue to face ‘astonishing’ levels of gender bias within the small business sector. 

Data contained in the latest Rose Review has revealed that more women launched businesses in the UK last year than ever before. In total, 151,603 companies were founded by female entrepreneurs during 2022; this was up from the previous year’s figure of 145,271. 

However, despite this growth, a survey conducted by Simply Business shows that female business leaders still face significant issues with gender bias. Indeed, just over eight out of ten female entrepreneurs said they had experienced sexism, gender inequality or unequal access to opportunities while running their own business, with a third categorising the issue of gender bias and inequality in business as “severe.”  

Commenting on the findings, Baroness Karren Brady said, “The level of gender bias and inequality within the small business sector revealed is quite frankly astonishing. Sexism and bias, whether conscious or unconscious, must be called out for a genuine chance of equality in business. We must inspire women to get into business and help abolish the challenges they face daily.”