Hiring frustrations can prove costly

New research has highlighted candidate sensitivities to interview scheduling delays during the recruitment process, particularly in relation to senior roles.

The global survey commissioned by Cronofy, which included 2,000 people who had gone through the hiring process in the UK during the past year, aimed to provide insight into what candidates expect and want from the recruitment process. The findings suggest firms could be missing out on top talent due to interview scheduling delays, especially in the UK, where 73% of senior candidates said they left the process due to such an issue.

The research also found the hiring process has an impact on candidates’ perceptions of a prospective employer’s brand. For instance, 84% of senior UK candidates said the quality of the recruitment process directly affected their perception of the organisation, while 77% felt they would be less likely to engage with or recommend the company in the future.

Commenting on the research, Cronofy CEO Adam Bird said, “It’s important for firms to remember that their brand values exist in their actions, not words. This is why some are unconsciously stumbling into an experience, for some of the most important people they come in contact with, that ruins their reputation forever more.”

All details are correct at the time of writing (11 May 2021).