Home worker loneliness

Recruitment experts are encouraging employers to do more to tackle ongoing issues relating to loneliness among remote workers.

While many people have adapted well to home working, a number of research studies have highlighted the fact that some employees do struggle with feelings of loneliness. One recent study, for instance, found that three in 10 UK-based remote workers are battling with feelings of loneliness and isolation.  

Loneliness is the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from 9–15 May, and recruitment experts believe more support is needed to combat working from home loneliness. Anne Corder Recruitment’s Managing Director, Nel Woolcott, said: “Mental health and wellbeing are more relevant than ever. There is a big onus on employers of remote staff in particular to ensure that they are meeting their duty of care.”

Specific actions employers can take to address feelings of loneliness include ensuring staff are not working excessive hours and maintain a healthy work-life balance; creating a guilt-free culture in relation to flexible working; actively promoting a culture where employees can talk openly about their mental health; encouraging employees to maintain informal discussions with colleagues; and recognising and rewarding individual and team achievements.