Mental health in the workplace

Analysis conducted by Wysa suggests the mental health crisis amongst the UK workforce is much worse than official estimates show for the population at large.  

Research conducted by the mental health app provider found that just over one in three working people suffer with moderate to severe depression or severe anxiety. In comparison, the most recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics suggest around one in six of the total adult population struggle with such issues. 

Wysa’s data also shows that mental health problems are more prevalent among the younger generation, with almost half of workers in the under-24-year-old age range suffering with moderate to severe anxiety or depression. This compares to just over a quarter of workers in the over-54-year-old category demonstrating such symptoms.  

Commenting on the findings, Ross O’Brien, Managing Director UK at Wysa, said, “We can see that employees are struggling more than the average population. We owe it to our workforce to find a different solution to addressing mental health problems.”