Small firms need net zero support

Research from the BCC has found that most small businesses do not fully understand what the government’s 2050 Net Zero Strategy actually means for them.  

Data from a survey of over 1,000 firms found that less than one in ten fully understand the Net Zero Strategy. A significant divide between smaller and larger firms was also highlighted by the research; 56% of businesses with more than 50 employees had a ‘complete’ or ‘some understanding’ of the target, in comparison to just 35% of their smaller counterparts.  

Encouragingly, the study did find that eight out of ten firms are taking some steps to become more sustainable. However, once again there was a sharp divergence in progress between smaller businesses operating on tight margins and larger SMEs with more resources. 

BCC Director General Shevaun Haviland said, “If the UK is to stand a chance of hitting its 2050 net zero target, then businesses must be put at the heart of the strategy to do that. They will provide one of the biggest dents in CO2 emissions by making the transition. Yet, there is a real danger that smaller businesses will get left behind unless politicians, banks and business leaders come together to galvanise action.”